Selecting trial cases

To find the case(s) of your interest, you may first want to consult the site of the project ‘Justiz und NS-Verbrechen’ / Nazi Crimes on Trial, which lists a systematic overview of all cases published in the book series as well as in this current online edition: JuNSV Overview.
On the basis of a variety of entries you can now select the case(s) you are looking for.


In the browse window of this online edition of Justiz und NS-Verbrechen you will find the volumes of the series listed in the chronological order of their publication. Underneath the volume links are the numbers of the various cases.


If you click on any of the volume links you will be presented with a window which lists the cases with corresponding hyperlinks. Also, you will find an option to search within the particular volume of your choice as well as some helpful instructions.

Table of contents

You can now select the case of your interest (e.g. Lfd.Nr.002a) and start reading (this option is available to subscribers only).


Search options

To all users (whether or not licensed) JuNSV Online allows cross-text searching throughout the entire content of the trial judgments. For this three options are available: basic search, boolean search and proximity search, each within a specific trial judgment, a specific volume or within all the volumes of the series.
Search results are presented by numbers of hits per volume. Subsequent clicking on ‘Results details’ will show these hits in a keyword-in-context window of several lines. Those who possess an online license can proceed by clicking on the link directly above the citation which will take them to the appropriate page of the judgment.


Search tips

1) In view of the varied suffixes of German nouns ('Krieg', 'Kriege', 'Kriegen', 'Krieges', 'Kriegs') and the many word combinations ('Notstandprivileg', 'notstandsähnlich', 'Notstandsbestimmungen', 'Notstandslage', 'Notstandssituation', etc.) it is often advisable to use the asterisk (*) in your searches (e.g. 'Krieg*', 'Notstand*') in order to get the best results. Please note that the asterisk can only be used as a suffix, i.e. at the end of a search term.

2) With some of the search results you will find an additional reference 'Verwandte Begriffe' (related terms). This reference points to synonyms or alternatives of the search term in your query.

3) If you are looking for a specific location, please note that in most instances (not always) the German judgments use the German name variation: Tschenstochau (instead of Czestochowa), Prag (instead of Praha), Arnheim ( instead of Arnhem), Danzig (instead of Gdansk) etc. You can use the boolean search option to find all name variations through the combination of, for example, ‘Tschenstochau’ with ‘Czestochowa’

4) Please note that due to German privacy regulations, many of the defendants' names and all names of other trial participants are abbreviated. For more information, please click here.